Sports are the lifeline of today’s entertainment world. From early childhood to the dusk of one’s life, a majority of the population loves to watch sports.

So what if your TV stops working during an important match you were eagerly waiting for. Well in this almost to-be-digitalised world you always have another solution to every problem. In this case, you can have access to some of the best websites for online sports streaming if you have a good internet connection at hand.


Listed below are some excellent sports streaming websites that are actually a treat for all the sports fans who are busy out there but never wish to miss a match or round that they are crazy about. The streaming that these websites offer you is of premium quality and lets you have a TV-like experience anywhere you want to.



List of Best Sports Streaming Sites –




  • It can stream various live sports uninterrupted with a proper network such as Cricket, Football, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, Baseball and many more. The homepage clearly displays the schedules of different matches.
  • An additional chat boxes us present where you can sign in to get in touch with people having similar sports interest. It is a simple and straightforward click and watches service. It has links to legal sports content. But still, there is no 100% certainty that every link you connect to is a bonfire. Thus you need to use VPN for streaming through this site.




  • It is yet again one of the biggest and popular sports streaming websites. On the homepage, you can find all the sports events happening. The best feature is the presence of multiple mirrors so that if one of them doesn’t work you can go for streaming via another mirror.
  • The user interface of this website is simple and easy. You cannot enjoy streaming anywhere anytime with high-quality viewing of matches. The site also gives you Replay Video Highlights and full matches with no costs charged.


3. ESPN Player


  • It is one of the US streaming websites free from the annoying pop-up ads. The problem is that it is available only in a few countries and only US sports can be streamed in this website.


4. FromHot


  • You can stream at no costs through live sports like Hockey, Football, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Basketball, Motorsports and many more. The user interface is extremely simple and clean. All the available live streaming details are present on the homepage.
  • You also have access to a live widget for a chat to interact with people of common interests.


5. VIP League


  • This site avails streaming of a variety of sports like Cricket, Football, tennis, cycling, NASCAR, etc. It is also available in multiple languages. Schedules of upcoming sports events can be easily viewed.
  • The site also gives you the option to change the theme according to your ease and change the time zone as well. If blocked in some countries you can use VPN to get access to this website.


6. Laola1


  • Live streaming of the major sports like Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, can be availed any time. You can also watch the highlights without any costs.
  • It has a good user interface and lets you watch sports and relatives online without any interruption. Videos are arranged on the basis of the occurrence of different events which acts as a beneficiary point for this website.


7. Hotstar Sports


  • This is now gaining popularity day by day and is owned by the big brand Star India. It is the best site to watch cricket and kabaddi online.
  • It has a modern user interface with lots of free content, getting huge popularity in some of the South Asian Nations. Besides, sports you can also watch other videos like movies and series online.




  • This website allows you to have free streaming of numerous sports with a minimum number of hiccups. Time zone can be selected after opening the website. It is the best place for watching minor sports like Rugby, F1, and Soccer etc.
  • On the homepage, you can easily view live sports happening around and catch the ones you are looking for without any cost. You can also watch TV on sports streaming.

9. Batman Stream


  • You can stream multiple sports like Football, NFL. Basketball, Handball, Hockey, Motorsports etc. It allows you to search for any sports streaming on air live.
  • It has simple and easy to use interface with a decent homepage.


10. Sony Liv Sports


  • It is another legal sports streaming website where you can also catch all the latest updates about your favourite sports.
  • Scorecards, commentary, and graphs everything is available at the tip of your finger with just a click.
  • The website very smoothly works on Android, iOS phone and also on your TV using Chrome cast.


11. FirstRow Sports


  • It is yet again another excellent website to stream sports and that too without any cost. It also has a great feature for the users with weak internet. It displays the live scores in case the user has a weak connection.
  • You can also watch thousands of videos as well as upload sports videos on this website. There are also multiple mirrors working in this site provided for the ease of the users.


12. AllSport Live


  • It is one of the best sports streaming sites in Russia. You can watch sports like Football, Hockey and Tennis for free. On the homepage, you can find the timings and schedules of the upcoming matches.
  • You may have to use Google translator in order to use this website. You can definitely give it a try as a backup.


13. Stream2U


  • You can stream sports like Football, Hockey and Tennis at absolutely no cost. At the top right screen, you can see the clock times which you can change according to your requirements.
  • It marked feature is the presence of at least six mirrors while streaming matches online which provide uninterrupted viewing for the users. The speed of the servers is also pretty great and commendable.


14. Stream Woop


  • You can watch popular sports like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Racing, Boxing etc for free.
  • Its user interface is also eye-catchy and has a search box for you to search for the sports and matches you prefer to watch.


15. FootyWire


  • This site also gives you seamless streaming of sports for free. It also provides you with the highlights if you miss any match, that too at no cost at all. The homepage is pretty attractive and responsive.
  • It has a Today’s Games section which enables you to get updates regarding the current sports. It has a video sidebar which gives you the knowledge of the language of the video and the name of the provider.


16. Ten Sports Live


  • It is one of the most popular sports streaming websites available on the internet. But to access the website’s benefits you need to create an account and select all the sports that you are interested in.
  • If you want to enjoy all the matches live you have to pay a little fee to watch them. It lets you watch sports like football, WWE matches, cricket etc.




  • It is another strong contender among the websites for streaming sports for free. It avails to you popular sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey and many more.
  • This website might be blocked in some countries but nevertheless, you can always use VPN in order to avail this website.


18. Just First Row Sports


  • This website also has received much popularity due to its attractive user interface. It houses the links to different matches. All you have to do is to click on these links which redirect you to the new website for watching the matches.
  • Also to watch live matches you need to create an account here. The creation of an account is also pretty simple. You just need to follow the instructions given to you.

19. Red Stream

  • is one of the best sites for online sports streaming with fast servers and great quality.
  • In this website, you can watch many categories of live sports like American Football matches, baseball matches, basketball, and hockey and so on. You might experience some pop-up ads but that can be ignored with respect to the content that the site provides. The design of the site may seem a bit outdated but it is pretty user-friendly which makes it popular among the users.




  • If you want a paid service with good quality streaming this is one of the best places that you should visit at least once. The speciality of this website is that you can stream different sports channels counting to about seventy and more including NBA, NBC TV. This website is optimized in such a way that it can be easily accessed by your Smartphone, be it Apple or Android or from any other device.
  • You can also try out the free trial before getting the paid solution in order to understand the offers of better.

Thus you can get to see all the matches that you wish to see anywhere anytime. With an uninterrupted internet connection, you can definitely have a TV watching experience in the device that you are carrying!


We hope you were able to watch live sports for free. Please share this list of best sports streaming sites with your friends.

If you want any addition to this list of live sports streaming sites, Let us know in the comment section.


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