Cinephilia has been a common trait among most of the crowd since the times movies have been introduced into the world. People all over the globe love to watch a film or movies every now and then.

In short we all love movies and we always tend to look for Best Free Movie Download Sites. So it is always good to have a stalk of all the favourite ones and the classic ones to watch them whenever we want to.

Best Free Movie Download Sites 2019


There are many websites out there from where you can download movies. But you should always be aware of all the illegal websites that might get you into trouble. Although Google keeps removing the pirate links from its searches it is always safe to be aware about the issue.



Here is a list of safe and carefully selected Best Free Movie Download websites that give you access to legal content –


1. The Internet Archive

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 1

As the name suggests, it is indeed an archive of great movies from all times. It can help you download movies at absolutely no cost. If you have been to this website few years back, you might be a bit confused as then its links were pretty messed up and you could not get to download movies with them. But now the site has been totally developed in terms of its download links. The catalog of the website keeps getting updated. It also allows you to create a virtual library that gives you access to forums, ability to upload videos and to bookmark the favorite contents.


2. Movies 123

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It is a very popular website when it comes to movie collection. It is a great place for the Hollywood movie lovers. It has a wide variety of genres like comedy, thriller, and action and so on. You can also watch movies online any time with minimum number of ads.


3. Movies Hub


This is yet another platform where you can download movies for free from a large collection. It has a great feature of uploading the recent releases as soon as they are available. The best part is you don’t need to register yourself on this website in order to get the access to the contents and download the same.


4. Movies 4 Star

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 3

It is a hub of high quality movies which you can download very easily at absolutely no cost. It remains updated with the latest releases so that it always stands up to the expectations of the users.

Besides great movies it also houses a large collection of documentaries and TV shows. You can always opt for signing up so as to get advantage of some additional features from time to time.


5. Movies Counter

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 4

For those who prefer watching movies with Hindi as the language, this website can be compared to a gold mine. It has got a good interface which lets you download movies into your PC or mobile with great ease. It also has a collection of Hollywood movies and dual audio movies. It even has Telegu and other regional movies some of which are Hindi-dubbed.


6. HD Popcorns

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 5

Having a simple interface this website has a vast collection of movies. It is very easy to find up a movie in this website. The customization options are pretty user friendly and assist you in searching for the one that you want.

There are various filtering options that include selection through genre, quality rating and other such aspects. You also have the links of trailers to YouTube of the upcoming releases.


7. FOU Movies

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 6

It has a very attractive website layout with the homepage displaying the latest additions with their respective ratings. Here the movies can be downloaded for free. It comes with an advanced search option. All the details related to the movie such as trailer, its IMDb ratings, quality, and duration and so on can be tracked down before downloading.


8. Couch Potato

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 7

This is a platform for downloading movies with no sign up fees and no downloading fees. This has been a popular site for the purpose. Lately all its contents have been moved to an application from where the users can download the movies in Windows and Mac devices.

All you need to do is to download the software in order to make the full use of it.


9. Filmywap Free Movies

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 8

Here you do not need to sign up or register for downloading movies for free. The website has a simple layout with a great interface which makes it easier for the user to deal with. It has a really good collection of movies and you also have the option of customizing the list according to your own criteria.

This website houses movies from various countries. Also if you want to get a Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi, this is probably the best place where you can find it.


10. Public Domain Torrents

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2019 9

It is well known for its collection of classic movies. Here you can download any movie of your choice at no cost at all. The website has a well arranged structure. You can easily find out a movie by going through the categories that have been listed there. On the homepage, you will find five latest movies that have been included in the collection. The movies that you want to download are available in various formats, so that you can choose the one which matches with your criteria. Here also no signing up is required unless you want to be a part of forums and discussions whereby you wish to leave comments along with other film critics.

No matter from where you download a movie, you always need to be aware if the content is legal or not so that you never get into trouble. The above mentioned sites have been approved as legal but you should always watch out for the fake ones. Happy safe downloading and watching!

Conclusion : Best Free Movie Download Sites 2019  –

This was the list of Best Movie Download Sites which you can use to watch movies online. If you have any more suggestions, Please let us know in the comment section. Do share this list of best free unblocked movie download sites with your friends.